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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Echo Park neighborhood council finds itself in another mess

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After several years of meeting everywhere from playgrounds to parking garages, the Echo Park neighborhood council recently found a permanent home. But those new offices, which formerly housed an LAPD Stop-In Center behind the Echo Park's Bank of America branch, are apparently not in move-in condition. The space needs a heavy-duty cleaning, and the leaders of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council have put out a call for brooms, buckets and volunteers to clean out the space on Saturday:

"Items need to be carried into A dumpster placed directly in front on Echo Park Avenue. Once cleared, the walls need to be washed and prepped for future painting. There is a large conference room carpet that needs to be removed along with bulky items like sofas, refrigerator, desks and old bank items that are no longer used.

ITEMS NEEDED – Cleaning supplies, rags, paper towels, brooms, trash bags, shovels, gloves, water hoses, scrub brushes, buckets and anything else you can think that would help clean."


  1. I need the same type of help at my house, When i fell ill my home went to caca. Maybe after the NC finishes at the drop in center they can drop by my pad and help me.

  2. Bring our own cleaning supplies, are u kidding me, they have a large budget of MONEY they need to spend or give back to the city...dont be fooled by these operators.

  3. Scrub your own flippen drop in center! I got 3 cats, and many neighbors who dont pick up there own dog crap. I clean my own mess. You clean your mess. Unless you feel like scrubing my toilet after 90 days of sitting, we can work a deal I promise.

  4. This particular neighborhood council needs its own "heavy-duty cleaning". Nasty, nasty, nasty....

  5. hilarious comments! as a new memeber to echo park, i pretty much get the picture of how the hood feels about its council. i guess the council needs to be careful when they mention "cleaning house". love this Eastsider site!