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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The best of plans sometimes don't work out - just ask Ed Reyes

For a man trained as an urban planner, this week has certainly not gone as planned for First District Councilman Ed Reyes. On Monday, Reyes saw months of work as head of the council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee go up in smoke after a Superior Court judged blocked the city's campaign to close hundreds of pot clinics. Reyes and fellow committee members had held countless hearings over the summer reviewing requests by the marijuana dispensaries seeking exemptions from the very same moratorium that the judge threw out this week. Now, Reyes and fellow council members are rushing to adopt some tough restrictions on the clinics that open.

"We painted ourselves into a very tough position and now we act," said Reyes, according to the LA Times.

On a different matter, Reyes on Wednesday faced a well publicized set back at the hands of neighborhood activists when the city council failed to approve his proposal to raise fees to appeal zoning decisions and building permits. Reyes said the higher fees were needed to cover the costs of processing and hearing such appeals. But neighborhood activists said the ordinance would only help developers by silencing residents who could not afford to pay the higher fees to challenge real estate projects. As a result, Reyes said he will comeback with a revised proposal in about 30 days. At least that was the plan.

Photo by JimW/Flickr

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