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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Echo Park residents scope out proposed Barlow Hospital development

Williams Hall at Barlow Hospital was packed tonight with residents, as well as a class of urban planning students, to review information about a proposal to transform the park-like hospital grounds into a giant housing development. Many residents who attended the so-called "scoping meeting" organized by the city's Planning Department said they had expected more details about the project, which includes nearly 900 units of housing, a new hospital and shops.

Residents will have until September 23 to submit comments about what should be reviewed in an upcoming environmental impact report. More details about the proposed project are included in a PDF document.

City staff, consultants and hospital officials were spread out in Williams Hall to handle individual questions about the project as well as the environmental review process. But many residents expressed frustration that there was no presentation summarizing the project and would have preferred to see more details plans, which are still in the early, conceptual stage. "It's just very vague," said Estefan Blanco, who, has lived on a hill overlooking Barlow for more than 40 years. "They are trying to see if it's a hostile vibe."

Blanco and his mother, Echo Park resident Ann Robinson, said hey were mostly concerned about noise generated by roof-top air conditioners as well as traffic coursing through Stadium Way. "Traffic is bad enough with Dodger Stadium" nearby, said Robinson.


  1. Those old buildings need to go. They should put up a modern or Spanish style building in its place. I hope the housing is not too expensive.

  2. How are we supposed to submit comments when we don't know what they are proposing? Last night's meeting was very disappointing -- a huge waste of time.

  3. Yeah those old buildings should go, modern idiots in its place.

    PS Post for your own projects often?

  4. There is so much opposition to this project that these people will not know what hit them. They can play possum for a while by witholding information but ther are a lot of well informaed residents who do not want there neighborhood ruined with another horrible "Orsini" type project. Bring it on. . . we're organizing.

  5. I for one miss our old way of life, minus the violence, I'm happy I made a good investment in my community,my home, one person can not make a difference any more, community meeting people just make fun of em, call em crazy,disgrutled BUT, a United group with no hidden agendas can be effective only for a while,people's EGO'S will always interfer, after proper monies have been exchanged and some activists paid off to their favorite non-profit of choice good bye Barlow and Elysian Park as we the now new "Old Timers" of the surrounding area we call Echo Park and Solano Canyon, and of course Grace Simon and those who where in the fight to keep the park pristine with her and in memory of her. Doesn't really matter how many focus groups they hold, what they want will be built and it's just sad. Take your pictures while you still can. You'll treasure them years from now. Just wait till DodgerTown starts to be built!