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Friday, September 18, 2009

Cypress Park seniors grow older waiting for a center of their own

When work began on the new Cypress Park branch library in 2001, many expected that the old library on Pepper Street would be transformed into a senior center. The new library did open but the old Pepper Street branch, a 1927 building that resembles a New England Colonial -style church has remained empty. Cypress Park seniors have not given up on the idea and seem to be making some progress on transforming the shuttered library into an active community center, according to a story in the EGP News.

Renovating the old library and making it accessible to the disabled, however, will require about $2 million, which might be hard to come by given the economy and the city's budget crises. Randy Muñoz, Executive Director Latino Diabetes Association, told EGP News that Cypress Park seniors are being overlooked:

“There’s not a lot for them to do here," he said.

Photo by laavocado via Flickr

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