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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Silver Lake residents want to DASH to Los Feliz

Silver Lake residents have been trying for at least a decade to get the city to run a DASH bus line through the neighborhood without success. The most recent effort now underway is asking residents to contact Councilman Tom Labonge, who represents Los Feliz, and Councilman Eric Garcetti, who represents most of Silver Lake, to organize a community forum this fall to discuss extending the Los Feliz DASH bus line into Silver Lake. A sample letter reads:

"This community forum will give constituents the chance to learn about a proposed public/private partnership and what is required to bring DASH into Silver Lake. We need your leadership in this effort.

The current Los Feliz DASH is under-utilized. Extending the Los Feliz DASH through Silver Lake offers a practical solution to gridlock on Sunset Blvd, Hyperion Avenue, Rowena Avenue and Glendale Blvd. A public/private partnership to fund DASH will provide Silver Lake much-needed north-south local transit and give your constituents a better way to enjoy."

But are Silver Lake residents going to leave their Priuses at home to dine at Farfalla in Los Feliz?


  1. I think this is a great idea- even better than the earlier route they tried. Would be great to have the SL line connect to LF and the metro.

  2. I think an Echo Park/Silver lake dash is an excellent Idea and then do a small loop to Los Feliz. How would that current suggested route help traffic on Glendale Blvd., When it doesn't come close to Glendale Blvd. at Sunset? A truly effective route would also loop through the Edendale neighborhood all the way South to Glendale/Sunset. So people can hit the Grocery stores and all 5 the different center areas. If you were smart you would concentrate on night routes that hit all the bars and restaurants areas cutting down on drinking and driving and encouraging people to hang in their hood. Face it Los Feliz, Silver lake and Echo Park are really the same area. Start working together. If we had a dash I would use it all the time and never use my car.