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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

River revitalization on the agenda

Residents interested in the future of the L.A. River - including how $25 million in potential federal funds will be spent - can attend two presentations and workshops today at the LA River Center in Cypress Park. First District Councilman Ed Reyes, the City Council's point person on river projects, will be on hand to "encourage community participation," said district spokeswoman Monica Valencia. The program will be divided into two parts, Valenica explains in an email:

"During the first part of the meeting, participants will hear presentations by the City and the Army Corps of Engineers. These topics include the River Improvement Overlay District (RIO), the Cornfields Arroyo Seco Specific Plan and the River Bikeway. Other L.A. River-related organizations and groups will be there as well to answer questions and provide people with information.

The second part of the meeting is a design workshop to gather public input on future L.A. River projects in anticipation of $25 million in federal support. Participants will break up into small groups, map out their vision for the L.A. River and give a short presentation to the
larger group."

For those who could not attend the afternoon session, the program will be repeated again from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. More details about river revitalization can be found at LAriver.org

Image from LAriver.org


  1. This is a Great Idea. If the LA River can be made to look more attractive while Flooding would not be a factor during the Rainey Season: Why Not Do It? Have a grat day...



  2. Why doesn't Ed Reyes do something about the loud train horns that disturb the peace and quiet?

    He cares nothing about the people that have to live next to the Union Pacific trains that run along the river. The Union Pacific trains blow their loud train horns day and night. Ed Reyes should give some quality of life to people that have to live near the river and hear those loud train horns.

  3. And, why is a school and some condo's being built along the river at Taylor Yard? And, why built a school and condo's next to railroad trains?

    Because Ed Reyes thinks its a good idea. Of course, he is up in Mt. Washington away from the tracks and the loud trains.