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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

College district to vote on charter school deal for Glassell Park campus *

The trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District are scheduled to vote Wednesday* on a deal to lease part of the former Van de Kamps bakery in Glassell Park to a charter school after abandoning plans to open a satellite college campus on the site. A group of residents called the Van de Kamps Coalition, which have long lobbied for a college, is mobilizing opposition against the proposal, which it claims has not been subject to public review. The coalition also said the proposal to lease part of the property to Alliance Schools would create unfair competition for a new public school being built nearby as well as a privately operated Ribet Academy.

District officials have said they were forced to abandon plans to open a satellite of Los Angeles Community College on the Van de Kamps property in the wake budget cuts. An email seeking comment from LACCD Trustee Mona Fields has not been returned.

Some residents dubbed the property "Cupcake Community Campus" after a district official proposed decorating the fence surrounding the property with symbols of baked goods in honor of the bakery. Until recently the district had referred to the site as the Northeast Campus. But, based on Wednesday's agenda, Cupcake U will be known officially as the LACCD Van de Kamp Innovation Center.

* Update: The "board authorized a lease for a charter high school, the Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools, to use classroom and other facilities on the site for five years," said an official with the district via e-mail.

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  1. i, for one, would like a northeast community college satellite