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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Ed Reyes chasing the vegan vote? *

The councilman of District 1 is not a vegan. So, why is the apparently carnivorous councilman hosting what is being called the city's first official Vegan Bake Sale on Thursday afternoon at City Hall? While the worldwide event is focused on promoting animal-free foods, each individual bake sale can be tailored to other environmental or related causes. As a result, funds from Reyes' Vegan Bake sale will go to a group of students who are part of the effort to clean the Los Angeles River, one of the councilman's favorite projects.

"As someone who cares about the environment and worked on the L.A. River renewal, it's hard to ignore such strong evidence showing how profoundly we can impact our own environment, particularly as it relates to water scarcity, simply by adjusting our diets," said Reyes in a statement. " I'd be hypocritical to preach a vegan diet, but for someone like myself and others who are not vegan, I think it’s important that we at least understand all of our options when it comes to protecting our natural resources."

The Eastsider is not clear on the connection between a vegan diet and water scarcity.* But what's totally understandable is Reyes' fondness for his favorite vegan treat: sweet tamales.

* Update: Monica Valencia with the Councilman's staff explains why diet and water supply are connected:

"By water scarcity, the Councilman was pointing to literature he had read about the environmental benefits, including saving water, of a plant-based diet. He was referring to studies comparing the amount of water (between 2,500 and 5,000 gallons) it takes to produce one pound of meat compared to the 25 gallons it takes to produce a pound of wheat.

Water conservation, the L.A. River, as well as the health matters (he has publically spoken about diabetes in the Latino community and in his family) are very personal to him, and just a few of the reasons why he supports the vegan bake sale."

The sale, by the way, raised more than $500 for the Los Angeles River Keepers, Valencia said.

Photo from the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale web site.


  1. Well, there is a connection between stock farming and problems with the environment and water pollution and usage. So I'd imagine the vegan aspect of the bake sale is just to bring up environmental issues.

  2. Reyes cares about environmental issues? What?!!
    What river?!! The Los Angeles River is a drainage ditch and not a river.

    Ed Reyes has done nothing about the Union Pacific freight train. The freight train runs along the river and pollutes the air and blows its loud train horns night and day.

    So, Ed Reyes cares about what environment? He cares nothing about air or noise pollution. And, he cares nothing about the quality of life for those that live along the river, oh I mean the drainage ditch.